Everyday Activities That Could Harm Your Hearing

Investing in Your Health: Treating Hearing Loss

Getting treatment for your hearing loss has direct benefits. You will open your ears to a richly sounding world full of experiences you might have forgotten altogether. Perhaps the most noted direct benefit is the restored communication ability that many people with hearing aids discover. When conversations flow more freely, our connections with loved ones and acquaintances are enhanced, as well. Those relationships that might have become strained from the struggle to communicate can take on new life and depth when hearing aids smooth conversations. 

Our ability to disclose our deepest selves often relies on verbal communication, so the benefits of treatment for hearing loss can be deeply felt, as well. In addition to these direct benefits, what about the more tangible ones? Not only is treatment for hearing loss an investment in your personal experience, it can also have other very real benefits. Let’s consider two types of investments that will have returns far into the future—your health and your financial wellbeing. 

Your Health and Hearing Loss

Many aspects of your health are related to hearing loss. Those who have untreated hearing loss have higher rates of physical health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, accidental injuries, and even osteoporosis. Though many of these conditions are jointly caused by a third factor, treatment for hearing loss can have some positive effects on physical health. Particularly those conditions that are helped by physical exercise can be assisted through hearing loss treatment, as well. Getting treatment for hearing loss can assist your mental health, as well. 

Those who wear hearing aids consistently demonstrate lower rates of anxiety, depression, and social isolation. It seems that those with untreated hearing loss are more likely to avoid social settings that make conversation difficult, and that lack of conversation can have negative effects on mental health. Untreated hearing loss is even connected with higher rates of cognitive decline and dementia. That same lack of mentally stimulating conversation can make the brain lose its sharpness in ways that extend beyond hearing alone. All of these aspects of health are assisted by getting treatment for hearing loss, and an investment in your health has lifelong returns.

Your Finances and Hearing Loss

In addition to the clear benefits for your everyday experience and the many dimensions of your health, getting treatment for hearing loss can help your financial wellbeing, as well. The unfortunate truth is that untreated hearing loss can lead to poor productivity in a wide range of jobs. Those that require direct communication as part of operation can suffer the most, particularly when the hearing loss is undisclosed. 

Even those jobs that you would least expect can suffer from untreated hearing loss. Any job requiring direct conversation for instructions and project management can suffer from the struggle to communicate. When productivity is compromised in these ways, wages and salaries can suffer, as well. The numbers don’t lie. Those who have untreated hearing loss in the workplace can pay a premium of up to $30,000 a year according to recent statistics. The good news is that the dividend paid by those with untreated hearing loss disappears in the statistics when a person receives the treatment they need to perform efficiently at work.

The Investment of Treatment

If these investments appeal to you, the first step you can take is to get a full diagnostic assessment of your hearing ability. Our hearing health professionals can give you a full exam that is brief, painless, and thorough, resulting in a recommendation of the hearing aids that are suited to your individual needs. Hearing aid technology has advanced remarkably in recent years, and these advancements are particularly suited to enhancing the benefits to your health and your financial wellbeing. 

With hearing aids that make conversation clear and easy, your social well being, mental health, and workplace productivity can all reap the benefits. In addition to these tangible benefits, don’t forget about the intangible benefits to your relationships and your personal experience of the world. When you return to the sounding world, your enjoyment of the world cannot be quantified. And, if you are looking to legitimate your investment in hearing aids, the health and workplace benefits will far outshine the initial cost.