Audiological Examination

Audiological Evaluation

A hearing test, or an audiological evaluation, is an assessment of your ability to hear different sounds and understand speech in noisy environments. The goal is to assist in assessing the degree of hearing loss (if any) that you have.

Many people ignore their hearing loss and try to get through life without realizing the extent of their hearing loss. But any successful treatment for hearing loss has to start with a hearing test.

There is nothing to worry about! An audiological evaluation is simple, non-invasive, and you're free to bring along a friend for moral support. Before you know it, you'll be armed with all the information you need to treat any hearing loss most effectively.

What to expect at a hearing test


Tinnitus is not a disorder or even a condition - it is a symptom of another underlying problem or illness that you may have, such as hearing loss, ear infections, or even high blood pressure. Tinnitus can not be "healed," but it can be controlled. Many people can work past their tinnitus and live normal, healthy lives again.

We're proud to be Certified in Tinnitus Management.

The first move is to arrange a meeting with us. Through this consultation, we work with you to decide on the most appropriate tinnitus solution for your needs.

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Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing Aid Repairs

The hearing aid is an incredibly advanced piece of technology. They house many state-of-the-art parts despite their tiny size and can conduct millions of operations every day. But they do need some TLC from time to time, like all electronic devices.

Luckily, we are on hand to fix almost any hearing aid you may have. It doesn't matter whether you bought your device from us or not. Whatever its condition or age, we have the tools to fix it.

When your product needs a complicated or warranty-based repair, we can send your hearing aid directly on your behalf to the manufacturer.

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VA Services

Returning military personnel have made countless sacrifices for our country through service. Such costs can vary from physical accidents, long-term health problems, and of course, even their lives.

But they are most likely to be a hearing loss or tinnitus issue. Hearing loss disorders are the most common service-related illness among veterans in the United States, according to the Hearing Loss Association of America.

We are in the process of trying to become credentialed to offer services to our veterans.

Consult with your local VA to see whether you qualify for hearing-related for hearing-linked services with us.

VA Services
Custom Hearing Protection

Custom hearing protection

Exposing yourself to high levels of noise is a common cause of hearing loss. That's why it is crucial to protect your ears in areas where you can't avoid the noise. From music concerts to manufacturing plants - wherever there is noise, you need to be protected.

We provide custom hearing protection that fits precisely with your ear canal. We take a mold of your ear canal to equip you with a custom hearing aid, which will provide excellent noise protection in a wide variety of recreational and work environments.

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