Hearing Aid Repair & Maintenance

Here at Ascent Audiology and Hearing, we understand the importance of hearing aids in your everyday life, which is why we provide repairs to ensure that your devices are operating at their best. Drop us a line if your hearing aids aren't working correctly, and you'd like to take advantage of our hearing aid repair service.

Although we're happy to see you, we feel even better when you're able to go for years without repairs! To help you do so, here is some advice on how to keep your hearing aids operating in peak condition.

Hearing Aid Cleaning

Hearing aid maintenance

Knowing how to care for your hearing aids is an integral part of getting the best out of them. The life of your hearing aids can be extended with simple maintenance and treatment. While your hearing aid is designed to repel moisture and debris, following a basic regular cleaning routine will ensure that it continues to function correctly.

Dealing with common hearing aid issues

Some hearing aid problems can be solved at home using simple protocols. Check to see if your hearing aids are switched on and if the battery is charged enough to operate them. If you have trouble hearing, make sure the volume is adjusted correctly and check your hearing aid for dirt, earwax, or debris that may be blocking sound.

If your hearing aid uses disposable batteries, look for corrosion on the battery and in the battery compartment. Examine the shell of the hearing aid for any signs of damage. To stop feedback and whistling, make sure your hearing aid is fitted correctly in your ear and set to the appropriate settings.

How to tell if your hearing aid needs a repair

If the issue continues after you've tried simple troubleshooting, it's time to get your hearing aid repaired.

The following are significant hearing aid issues:

  • The shell of your hearing aid has cracks, chips, or holes.
  • The hearing aids are not producing any sound.
  • The sound coming through the hearing aid is unstable, distorted, or otherwise unusable.
  • The sound coming from the hearing aid is much too quiet.
  • The battery is running out much faster than usual.
  • When hearing aids are worn, there is a whistling or feedback noise.
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Hearing aid repair

If none of the above solutions have worked, please contact us for repairs.

Many hearing aid repairs, such as repairing blocked or perforated tubing or resizing an earmold, can be done quickly but require specialized parts and equipment. In some instances, we might need to give the hearing aid back to the manufacturer for repairs.

Several factors influence the cost of having your hearing aids repaired.

  • Whether or not you have a warranty that covers the hearing aids.
  • The amount of damage.
  • The cost of replacement parts.

Suppose the hearing aids were purchased from us and are still under warranty. In that case, there will be minimal to no repair costs. If your warranty has expired, we will need to assess the damage before providing an estimate.

Depending on the repair cost, you could be better off buying a new pair of hearing aids in some cases. If your current devices are more than five years old, it's time to upgrade. Because of technological advancements, today's digital devices are much more sophisticated and feature-rich than those from just a few years ago.

Similarly, whether the damage is severe or the hearing aids have already been repaired, it might not be worth it to repair them.

Don't let your hearing aid issues hold you back. It's essential to get your hearing aids fixed as soon as you find a problem so that you can continue to use them effectively. Hearing health is our specialty at Ascent Audiology and Hearing. Making sure you get the most out of your hearing aids and assistive devices is our top priority. Contact us to set up a repair appointment.